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“No other continent offers the same opportunities to see such diverse spectrum of wildlife often in very close proximity. Most people who safari in Africa hope to see the "BIG 5". Safari Odyssey as a destination management company offers you more:

As owner managers, creating tours to all destinations in the world and as travellers ourselves, we are extremely aware of the possible pitfalls one can experience travelling to new destinations and the frustrations of having a holiday that could go wrong. As South Africans and having travelled by vehicle to many of the African destinations we represent,  we understand the working of the different countries and the suppliers.

As travellers we enjoy not only the destinations attractions but enjoy the added experiences of the country.

Our expert guides and naturalists passionately impart an incomparable wealth of knowledge, personally researched and experienced, about habitats, ecology, birds, trees, plants, animals and insects, providing our guests with enough memorable wildlife experiences to last a lifetime. &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel, conservation and community empowerment

The true African experience is enjoyed when one enjoys the natural co-existence of the complete environment of vast open skies and star filled evenings, the role played from the bush and grass to the trees. Birds and the insects each playing a vital part in this amazing food chain of nature. As conservationists we realise the delicate balance of all the aspects needed to keep our lovely planet from self-destructing.

As discerning travellers we also realise that while experiencing the wonder of the bush it needs to be rounded off with good local food and drinks.

Full-circle service

The Internet is wonderful. But when it comes to destination information, Google just isn’t good enough.


Travel Management Services

Our services include:

  • Tailored Travel pacakges for Families, Solo Travellers and Volunteers.
  • Air travel reservations
  • Hotel and car rental bookings
  • Pre-payment for bookings (if necessary)
  • Executive carport reservations
  • Transfer arrangements
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa application submission
  • Ticket cancellations and airline refunds
  • Leisure travel reservations
  • After-hours emergency travel assistance
  • From take-off to touchdown, we’re there.


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