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Chobe Park is the third largest conservation area in Botswana. The park covers an enormous area of approximately 10960 km2.

There are four main attractions in the Chobe National Park is Chobe river front, Savute, Nogatsaa and Linyanti. Chobe National Park has been divided into wildlife management areas without fencing. This concept allows for conservation and the free roam of wildlife within these areas. It is not uncommon to be camping along the Chobe river and experience a herd of elephant moving past your campsite.

This natural environment allows visitors to explore the natural behaviour and movement of Botswana’s wildlife. The roads are suitable for 4 x 4 vehicles and are mostly two spoor track roads. They are often used, but fairly well maintained. Botswana strives to uphold the natural environment and has a low volume visitor policy.

When visiting the Chobe Park, you can select some wild camping sites or choose from a selection of lodges within the national park. These campsites are known as public campsites and all visitors are welcome. The Local tour operators have their own private camping sites and visitors are not allowed on these sites, unless they are accompanied by a register local tour operator.

The Lodges inside the Chobe Park is located on private concessions and not all is accessible by private vehicles. These areas are pristine and under strict conservation policies. It is recommended to book your stay in these lodges well in advance and make use of the small plane charter schedule to access these remote lodge concessions.



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