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Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, well known for its magnificent white beaches, lagoons and coral reefs. Its warm waters and breath taking scenery make it the perfect tropical destination. The mountainous interior is home to natural wonders that include rainforests, waterfalls, lakes and volcanoes. It is an island that is rich in culture and history and that offers a wide range of adventure activities varying from horse back riding, snorkeling and sailing to hiking and zip-ling. Its picturesque beaches and stunning resorts make Mauritius the ideal location for relaxation, where swimming and sunbathing can be enjoyed in the mild climate all year round.


Black River Gorges National Park.

Situated in the south-western part of Mauritius, the Black River Gorges is the islands largest national park. It is known for its waterfalls, forests, panoramic views and biodiversity. Covering an area of 6,754 hectares, this natural wonder is home to 311 species of endemic flowering plants and 9 species of birds that can be found only in Mauritius. Named after the black stones found in the river running through the park, this landscape protects most of the islands remaining rainforest. Hikes through the reserve are a must for nature lovers and provide an educational experience on the natural heritage that Mauritius has to offer. Hiking packages offer half day trips in which a picnics and even a swim in the river can be enjoyed.

La Preneuse.

La Preneuse is a frequently visited public beach on the west coast of Mauritius situated in the district of Rivière Noire. Named after the Preneuse; a French ship which was involved in a naval battle with the British in the 18th century, this beach is home to the best preserved Martello tower in Mauritius. The tower was built and used during the colonial era and is well worth a visit, especially for those historically inclined. It has been converted into a museum that offers informative guides around the levels of the tower and provides great insight into the colonial past of the island.

The beach’s white thin sand and frequent presence of dolphins make it a popular spot for tourists to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Nearby snack stands allow you to sample the local Mauritian foods and skippers are always readily available for boat tours along the coast

Ganga Talao.

Ganga Talao’ is the beautiful crater lake hidden deep in the heart of Mauritius in the region of Savanne. It is considered the most sacred Hindu place on the island and each year it attracts many pilgrims and tourists alike to admire the colourful statues and temples of Gods such as Dévi, Hanuman and Shiva at the lakeside. The abundant fauna and flora surrounding the lake are also a major attraction, with various fish, monkeys and flowering plants painting the lake with life and colour. This serene site provides ample parking, lakeside seating and free entry, where visitors are welcome to come to pray, chant, meditate and make offerings, or simply to stroll around the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery it has to offer.

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