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Safari Odyssey

Etosha National Park – An African safari made in heaven

Visible even from space, this vast and beautiful wildlife preservation area sits upon one of Africa’s largest salt pans. Etosha National Park is unspoilt and quite spectacular and lies within Namibia in Africa, sometimes named the ‘Jewel of Africa.’

With magnificent scenic vistas and abounding with wildlife that adorn its endless plains, the park attracts many safari enthusiasts from across the Globe. One could rightly say a visit to Etosha National Park is an African safari made in heaven!

Interesting facts

The park was pronounced as Namibia’s first conservation area way back in in 1907, but was only proclaimed as a national park in 1967. Colourfully described by the local inhabitants as the ‘place of dry water’, the ‘great white place’ or ‘place of emptiness,’ Etosha National Park it is situated on a pan which covers a staggering 4 800 sq. kilometres, making it the largest of its kind in Africa.

There are 86 springs, fountains and waterholes, including a floodlit waterhole for night viewing at each of the park’s main tourist camps. Here you seldom even need to leave camp for great game sightings.

A couple of little known facts is that Etosha Pan is designated as a ‘World Wildlife Fund Ecoregion’ and was used as a backdrop during the filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Perhaps 2020 will be the time for your Safari Odyssey!

The wildlife

Particularly in the drier season from April to December, all of Africa’s prized wildlife specimens can be easily viewed at the watering holes. These include Giraffe, Zebra and all the well-known antelopes. Here too, not separated from the others, you can see the sadly endangered Rhino, Elephant and the great predator cats – Lion, Leopard and Cheetah.

There are in fact 114 large and small animals and 340 bird species in the park. Some of the best watering holes are: Gemsbokvlakte; Olifantsbad; Nebrownii; Leeubron and of course the famous Moringa watering hole in the camp itself.

Exciting experiences

This is a tranquil place, a place to chill and to thrill to natures unfolding dramas in the wild. Excitement here takes the form of encounters at the watering holes. Hippos are extremely dangerous and have taken more human lives than any other animal, but here you watch them saunter from the pools onto the banks and the crocodiles that constantly prey on those who come to drink.

Obviously there are adventure safaris in 4 x 4 vehicles, or you can self-drive if you wish. The scenery is spectacular, especially the vast expansive beauty of the salt pans and you wonder at the stillness and peace that pervades this place.

Camps and lodges

So popular is this as a local and international tourist destination that the extent and nature of available accommodations is impressive. These range from camps located close to some of the park’s waterholes, for serious game spotters – to superb up-market lodges for those who prefer a luxury Africa safari experience.

Our recommendations are:

Mushara lodge – located just 8km from the Von Lindequist Gate. It has ten well-spaced thatched chalets arranged in a horseshoe shape around the swimming pool. All the chalets and individual rooms are extremely spacious and equipped with air-conditioning.

Mushara outpost – with custom-made tent-like wood and canvas structures which are nestled on the banks of an ancient dry riverbed, known as ”omuramba” in the local language. Each tent is mounted on a wooden deck, 1.5 m above the ground, providing a totally different perspective of the bush.

We at Safari Odyssey, on the ground in Africa, with an understanding of all the best it has to offer, save our client’s time and money through excellent rates on accommodation and personalised, streamlined service, to arrange your perfect African safari vacation.

Contact us today for everything you need to know about our full range of superb destinations and unforgettable experiences. Etosha National Park is an African safari made in heaven, but Africa has so much more. Let us take you there!

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