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“Food for us comes from our relatives, whether they have wings or fins or roots. That is how we consider food. Food has a culture. It has a history. It has a story. It has relationships.” – Winona LaDuke

It is with this in mind we are reminded of the development of the different food cultures through history in countries of Southern Africa, from the initial local culture and the influx of European influences, as well as the movement across borders of many different ethnic groups and different cultures has led to an fusion of flavours in each country with a story which can be shared over a dinner table.

Good food plays an integral part in the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of a holiday, We know that good food is often the highlight of a holiday but for some it is the whole point! therefore our unique itineraries satisfy those enthusiasts seeking unsurpassed wine & dine encounters during their travels
Fine cuisine goes hand in hand with superlative service and beautiful locations. because food lovers today are redefining the travel experience through their adventurous palates we have created a whole section to our delectable finds and not-to-be-missed gourmet experiences.

Whether you want to spoil yourself by dining in sophisticated restaurants with drop-dead gorgeous diners and awesome views, or experience a new culture by doing a cookery course during your holiday, creating local dishes while enjoying local wines. We have a wealth of suggestions for you.
Discover a multi-cultural array of foods at food Markets. The grassroots of local cuisine, markets encapsulate flavours in colourful piles of the freshest ingredients and in tempting aromas wafting over cooked food stalls. Visits to local farms producing and supplying the markets and award winning restaurants or enjoying a craft beer or local gin is an ideal recipe for a great safari adventure.


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