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The vast Kafue is the oldest National Park in Zambia covering some 22,400 km2. It is one of the largest National Parks in Africa, roughly the same size as Wales. The Kafue has remained largely untouched by development until very recently, yet it remains a unique and pristine wilderness with sublime scenery, game viewing and bird watching. Testament to this, still today some 67% of the Park is designated as “Wilderness Area” where only walking safaris can be conducted.

The huge (750 km2) Busanga Plains are regarded as the Jewel of the Kafue, depending on the time of year you visit (The flood season is from March through to May) you may need to travel by Mokoro (traditional dug-out canoes) to access the plains. This area is synonymous with the large herds of Red Lechwe and Buffalo which bring with them interest from the Kafue’s impressive carnivore diversity. Being submerged for most of the year, the seasonal flood waters attract great flocks of Open Billed storks, which spiral in the thermals over the plains. Crowned and the

As diverse as any park in Africa, the wildlife of the Kafue is as numerous as it is varied. There is an abundance of the more ‘usual’ wildlife species, such as, Elephant, Lions (large prides of up to 20), Buffalo, Hippo, Leopard, and, interestingly for Zambia, good numbers of Cheetah. Indeed one Guide in the Kafue suggests from observations that there may be more Cheetah than previously believed. What many people do not know about the Kafue is that it has one of the last few viable populations of African Wild Dog left in Southern Africa and are a frequent sighting.

The Kafue is also a great place to see the more unusual gamespecies , especially interesting and rare antelope species such as: Oribi, Blue Wildebeest, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Roan, Sitatunga, Puku, Red Lechwe, Defassa Waterbuck, Sable, Reedbuck, Eland and the diminutive Yellow-Backed Duiker. In addition to the ungulates, there is a plethora of other unusual wildlife with Pangolin, Bushpig, Side-Striped Jackals, Honey Badger, and numerous species of the playful mongoose family. are Wattled cranes are seen searching through the grass for insects and beetles.



Timeless Zambia – Kafue NP & Vic Falls

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