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Africa holds dear the story of life through the ages. It is displayed through the time-line of existence, endurance and adaptation of her people to her landscape, plants, animals and ultimately her spirit. Of people and cultures there are many, but of a deep-rooted history . . . there is only one, and that tells the story of life, the African Way.

If we seek and explore, we’ll find a living tale of life that is scattered across our continent, rich in cultures, tradition, linguistics, music, dance and story-telling, colour in art, dress and homestead design, jewellery, trade, food and of course, landscape and wildlife. It is this variety in resources that has led to the creation of a fundamental culture – integral to the fabric of our being – it has shaped many facets of African life and has formed an understanding of the world around us. It is unique to where we are, but it is open to those who want to see and experience.

But perhaps, of all the stories that Africa tells, the most intriguing comes from the finds that lead us to believe that indeed she is home to not only the origins of mankind but to the first, and therefore, oldest living organisms on earth. Through the works of established academics and writers we are given the opportunity to delve into our rich trail of fossil finds – the diverse existence of archaeological, palaeontological and anthropological discoveries, that were ultimately left behind by these living beings.  Africa will share with you the ancient and the dead, but it will also show you the life of then, in the life of now. Traditions and cultural practices remain a thread of the African Way of Life in modern time.  Therefore the opportunity to experience is available to us, provided that our need to explore is met with the greatest of sensitivity toward the resources we explore, be it living or not.

Our special interest Palaeo Travel experiences to Southern Africa are exclusive, presented by iconic researchers, teachers and academics – the passion of which drives the core thread of our programmes.  We strive to combine the finest of what Africa has to offer and across every possible type of travel, be it for studies and research, the mind which seeks special interest topics, the thrill seeking adventurer and the lover of nature, vast open spaces, remoteness and a special kind of quietness. A bucket list experience indeed!

Our programmes share the wonders of palaeosciences, including:

  • insight into the biology of life, language, culture, societies and material remains (anthropology)
  • the history of life on earth through the discovery of our world-renowned hominin fossil finds (palaeontology)
  • human activity through evidence of artifacts, architecture and homesteads (archaeology)
  • dinosaur fossils and sites secretly strewn across South Africa (deep-time)
  • the spirit images of the San & Khoi (rock art)


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