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Safari Odyssey

The ABC of Sustainability When on Safari

It may not be as simple as ABC, but practising sustainable tourism is not that difficult either, and we believe it is as important as anything else that we are taught about as children. There is no doubt that our planet faces many challenges, and as tourists, you can make a difference even when enjoying an exhilarating Southern African Safari.

According to the African wildlife foundation “Sustainable tourism isn’t just about leaving a positive impact on the surrounding environment. It’s also about supporting the local community and economy, and there are many simple ways you can contribute to these efforts while on safari.” So in plain language here is our ABC of sustainability when on safari…

Abide by the rules – There are rules that you will receive on entering any National Park area. These have been devised over the years to protect you, the wildlife and yes, the planet. Please stick to these rules – it is a good start.

Be aware of what you buy, take and leave behind – You are encouraged to support the local communities by purchasing souvenirs from them. There are always many beautiful handcrafted specimens available for purchase in most wildlife areas.

Do be careful though to check that what you are purchasing is not illegal or something made from body parts of endangered species, like ivory, for example. Your safari or tourism guide should be able to advise you on this.

The only thing you should be taking from the environment is photographs and please do not leave behind litter or unwanted food of any kind other than in bags provided on safari vehicles, or bins in the camps. Leave behind only your footprints and your heart, as you will surely lose it to this magnificent country!

Calmly express excitement and confine yourself to camps – Remember to try not to disturb the natural ecology and environment of the veld by making a lot of noise or loudly exclaiming every time you spot a new species. Animals can easily be ‘spooked’ and even at a kill when they might be enjoying their first meal for weeks; they don’t want to be chased away by invaders of their space. Also, maintain a safe distance. You don’t know who else may be around!

When on foot, for your own safety and respect for the facility you are visiting, please remain in the confines of the camp areas. You need to be accompanied by a safari guide if you wish to take a safari walk.

Do get involved with conservation initiatives and communities – They say the first step toward being a responsible and ethical traveller is learning about your destination. There are many conservation and sustainability initiatives in each National Park or nearby town or village wherever you may choose to go for your safari experience.

All of these communities and initiatives rely heavily on the support of international tourism, so please play your part and become as involved with these as you can, whether it be financially, or simply giving of your time or expertise.

Enjoy an exhilarating safari experience while protecting the ecology – Let Safari Odyssey ensure that you have a terrific safari experience when you visit Southern Africa by choosing a great destination and package ideally suited to your unique and specific requirements.

This article on the ABC of sustainability when on safari is just one example of how we give useful advice and assist you to prepare for every aspect of your Southern African safari. Contact us to find out more about the full range of destinations, experiences and services that we provide.

We are all responsible for the sustainability of our beautiful world. Africa awaits you and is ready to welcome you with open arms to experience its breath-taking beauty and untold riches. We ask only that you help us to preserve it for the generations to come.

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