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Safari Odyssey

The Cape Winelands and Route 62 – Useful travel advice

A much as we love to inform you about the great destinations there are to be experienced in Southern Africa, we also believe that it is appropriate for our international travellers to know more about the do’s and don’ts when you visit.

In a previous article we wrote extensively about what you can experience on the Cape Winelands and Route 62 road trip. We also promised you some useful travel advice …so here it is.

Timespan and season

This is potentially a pretty long journey of around 850 Km and not a normal one, as you will want to stop all along the way. It can be covered in 2 days just covering a few highlights, but can easily be extended to up to 10 days.

The perfect season to visit in the Cape is around Feb to April just prior to winter and just after winter from Aug to October. Between these times there is quite a bit of wind and rain, or it is very hot – particularly in the Outshoorn area.

The vehicle

This is a road trip and as mentioned can get pretty warm. A standard, comfortable sedan is fine as there is no real off-roading, but air conditioning is essential. As an experienced and versatile tour operator we can make all arrangements you will need for transport.

Accommodation and tour guide

Similarly we can arrange accommodation and a tour guide. Accommodation is plentiful along the route, ranging from 5 star establishments to small B&Bs. This is also naturally a food and wine lover’s dream trip, as many of the wine estates offer tastings and various types of restaurants from Bistros with tapas, to ‘cordon bleau’ culinary extravaganzas!


Tour guides can be tipped as much as you feel, but it is not a requirement. Service charge is seldom included in eating establishments, but it is customary to tip at least 10% of the bill (Cheque).

What to pack

Even if you go naked, don’t go without a camera! Just kidding, but remember this is a scenic and very interesting cultural trip, so ensure you have good photographic equipment with your chargers and full battery back-up.

Consider purchasing and packing a good wine guide book when you arrive in South Africa – The John Platter annual wine guide is a renowned one.

Regarding clothing, rest assured that unless you plan to visit some of the very up-market wine estate’s 5 star eating establishments, you won’t ever feel you need to dress up. Even in these places, this is Africa and casual, cool clothing is totally acceptable.

For most of the journey you will definitely want to have cool clothing, shorts and cool blouses, sandals etc. Bring swim suits and hats too – you will want to spend some time in the water to cool down, where you get a chance.

Bring sunglasses and bring plenty of sunscreen, although this type of thing is available to purchase, as you go through towns and shopping areas, along the way.

Remember that in semi-desert areas though, it can get cold at night, so bring light jumpers and a warm jacket for these occasions and for site seeing in high mountainous areas.

A word of caution

Remember that mountain passes can be hazardous, so always get advice on the condition of the passes before setting out through them (your guide, if you have one, will know this).

Check weather conditions too, as passes are closed if the rainfall is too extreme. If you are the driver, you need to be confident and competent on the mountain passes and this is not recommended for those with a fear of heights!

Book with the professionals

These are, of course, just words of caution and you need have no fears at all. The journey is a spectacular, but restful and very chilled one …as chilled as the superb wines, beers, bubblies, brandies and  fortified wines you will taste and enjoy all along the way.

We at Safari Odyssey have been arranging and facilitating this and many other types of memorable Southern African safaris and guided tours for many years. As a preferred tour operator for the Southern African region we travel to several excellent destinations, offering the best experiences and accommodations throughout this amazing region.

The season is exactly right, so contact us today to book your Cape Winelands and Route 62 road trip – one that will be etched in your memory for all time.

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