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uncover a new luxurious Okavango safari haven

Jumbo Junction, The Okavango

Jumbo Junction, The Okavango

$ 530 / per person
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Jumbo Junction lies in the heart of the Okavango Delta, where untamed beauty meets the harmony of wildlife and vibrant communities.


A luxury camp, Jumbo Junction is more than just a destination; it is a testament to the power of responsible tourism and the profound connections that can be forged between people, animals, and nature.


Embrace the raw and unfiltered beauty of the Okavango Delta and immerse yourself in thrilling activities such as mokoro trips, open vehicle game drives, guided walks, and more, ensuring you stay active while exploring the untamed wilderness.


Nestled at the meeting point of two elephant corridors, our resort is ideally situated for the ultimate Okavango Delta safari experience. Prepare to embark on a journey that goes beyond expectations as the essence of luxury and adventure is redefined.

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Discover Jumbo Junction



Unwind in our chalets and furnished tents, offering ensuite bathrooms, power points, and breathtaking views. Experience serenity and escape the everyday at Jumbo Junction.



Immerse in the Okavango Delta’s incredible sights and sounds at Jumbo Junction.
Our activities awaken adventurers with local guides, expertly navigating water and wildlife for unforgettable experiences.Facilities



Experience utmost comfort and convenience during your stay. Indulge in charming complimentary property and room facilities, adding an exquisite touch to your wilderness breakaway.


Jumbo Junction is the ultimate way to safari, a bush camp that plants you right in the middle of the Okavango wilderness – a temporary guest in the home of the wildlife. At night you will be surrounded by the strange magical sounds and smells of the savannah, beneath the starry night skies. This is the essence of an Okavango Delta safari.


The camp consists of two chalets and seven tents with ensuite bathrooms. The accommodations are positioned along the waterfront and amongst the tree line providing the utmost privacy.

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5+ Age
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Tour Plan


4-Night Lodge Stay with Complimentary Flight

  • Join us at Jumbo Junction for an unforgettable 4-night safari adventure like no other! Book your stay, and we’ll treat you to a complimentary Mack Air scheduled service flight from Maun Airport to Seronga Airfield, where our dedicated Jumbo Junction safari team will be eagerly awaiting your arrival.

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5-Night Lodge Stay with Complimentary Return Flight

  • Experience an adventure of a lifetime at Jumbo Junction with our exclusive 5-night safari flying package! When you book your stay with us, enjoy the added value of a complimentary return Mack Air scheduled service flight between Maun Airport and Seronga Airfield. Our dedicated Jumbo Junction safari team will warmly welcome you upon arrival and bid you farewell on your departure day for your onward flight.

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4-Night Stay with Complimentary Heli & Boat Transfer - Okavango Delta Scenic Flight Helicopter Safari

  • Discover the extraordinary with our Jumbo Junction Luxury Safari Package! Book a 4-Night Stay and experience the thrill of a complimentary scenic helicopter flight, with the doors off! Soar above breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. Plus, enjoy a serene Okavango River boat transfer when you return.

___________________________________________ Contact us for details . . .


3-Night Self-Drive Package / Sepupa Transfers with Complimentary Boat Transfer

  • Experience the ultimate luxury safari at Jumbo Junction! Book a 3-night stay with us and enjoy a complimentary return boat transfer on the picturesque Okavango River. Leave behind the hassle of self-driving on gravel roads and let us pamper you with a serene journey from Sepupa to Seronga.

___________________________________________ Contact us for details . . .

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