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Safari Odyssey

Your safari experience could be assisting wildlife conservation!

It is well known throughout the world that Africa faces many challenges regarding the conservation of one of its most precious resources – its wildlife. The Rhinoceros, both black and white species, are in dire need of support as they face near extinction through poaching and the relentless onslaught of illegal ivory trade.

Elephants too face the same dangers in many parts of Africa, and recently even Lions have been hunted for entirely illegal reasons. These are just a few examples, the tip of an iceberg of issues facing the conservation of our wildlife.

As an established Southern African safari and guided tours operator, we believe that it is our duty not only to entice international travellers to enjoy the memorable vacations on offer in this part of the world but to bring to their attention the great contribution that they can make to assisting conservation initiatives.

Your safari experience could be assisting wildlife conservation

When travelling to Africa, one can significantly enhance the experience by becoming involved with any of the many initiatives that support wildlife conservation and the communities that surround and support these preservation areas. Many people have partnered with conservation initiatives for life through having experienced what they are doing and why they do it. So what are some ways you can help?

Support conservation and community – Conservation and the local community go hand in hand as it is through the community’s genuine efforts and a love for their environment that they make a difference to the ecology of every preservation area.

Make an effort to visit local villages and meet some of the people who are behind making your safari experience so enjoyable. There is far more to it than you think, and it can be very rewarding.

Become a sustainability partner – Sustainability is something that has to fall to all parties involved, from the National Parks themselves to conservation organisers, to the local community, to lodge and camp owners and yes, you – our international visitors.

When on safari, find out about the conservation and community support initiatives that are available in that community. You may be able to assist through becoming a life-long partner, a once-off donor, or even the physical support of introducing the initiative into your own country.

Be eco-wise when on safari – We live in an age when the sustainability of the environment is of urgent international concern, as it should be. When travelling, be aware that plastics or any foreign objects or foodstuffs thrown into our natural environment could have devastating effects on the wildlife in the long term. It is well known that plastic straws have been instrumental in killing many of our marine life and these foreign objects are hazardous in our bushveld areas too.

Be aware of buying products that may be assisting the demise of some of the wildlife and support lodges and camps that practice ‘green’ initiatives. A good rule of thumb is simply to remember that natural life in the bushveld should not in any way be disturbed by the requirements and habits of people.

Support sustainable experiences

We at Safari Odyssey, very much aware of the importance of conservation and community support initiatives, can point you to the experiences and destinations that offer you both a fantastic Southern African Safari and an opportunity to support conservation efforts.

We offer the best rates at every type of accommodation and a wide range of safari experiences in 9 fantastic African destinations. Contact us today and let us not only book your dream vacation but help you to ensure that your safari experience is assisting wildlife conservation!

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